homepageTucked away from the everyday, in a lushly-forested valley, overlooking Laguna de Chiriqui and the Bocas del Toro archipelago, Rambala Jungle Lodge is where eco-tourists and nature enthusiasts can discover first-hand the irreplaceable biodiversity this beautiful area has to offer. This truly sustainable project follows the best green building practices and all cabins are hand built with minimal footprint. We take pride in reforesting the parts of the 77 acres that were previously cleared. We also work to  protect all the wild life and we are planting new food sources for the birds and animals. Solar energy combined with our almost completed micro Hydro energy provide for our energy needs and are completely sustainable. This is the perfect location for hosting alternative energy seminars, family retreats, birding or scientific research.

Imagine hiking into our remote get-away on a hillside trail overshadowed by more species of trees than you can count, and not only are there densely packed trees but there are innumerable plants growing on the trees themselves; bromeliads and flowering vines, the rare orchid, heliconia and shrubs of all kinds. On the 20-minute entrance hike you will get a sampling of things to come during your stay at Rambala Jungle Lodge. Diverse species come soaring, hopping, and climbing into view each time you look around. The Lodge is the perfect place to savor the simpler pleasures in life  and to relax after exploring the surrounding countryside, participating in one of the many entertaining and enlightening tours the Lodge has to offer. Whether you prefer the company of a Keel-Billed Toucan over lunch, discovering the brilliant green of a poison-dart frog against the leaf litter of the forest floor or bathing in a tropical river, Rambala Jungle Lodge has something for everyone.

*All guests must be physically fit enough to hike in.*