The Lodge



The Main Lodge is one of the best locations from which to enjoy the property. You will be at your leisure to soak in Caribbean views over your steaming cup of Panamanian coffee while watching the brilliant flash of the Blue Morpho as it flutters by. Probably  you will even catch a glimpse of a three-toed sloth in the neighboring Cecropia tree, and the day has hardly begun!

All social activities and family-style meals commence in the Lodge, and this is also the starting place for all of our activities and tours. Fill your day with exploring the many hidden pleasures of the property. If you are not feeling up for one of the more physically-demanding activities of the Lodge – such as hiking one of the many beautiful trails that meander around the property; hammocks, board games, and books on local flora and fauna can be enjoyed in the Main Lodge where the gentle murmur of the nearby stream adds to your sense of tranquility and relaxation. Be sure not to miss spending an afternoon in one of the multitude of natural pools into which the gorgeous streams cascade!

The Main Lodge, along with all the buildings on the property, is constructed from naturally fallen local trees (“deadfall”) with all attention toward preserving our wonderful and diverse jungle. The variety of hues and textures found in these hardwoods adds to the back-to-nature feel of the Lodge which is balanced by the sparse contemporary architecture adding comfort and relaxation within nature. A spacious porch makes up half of the Lodge and carefully frames the breath-taking Caribbean Sea- and forest views surrounding the building. This intelligent architecture also allows the tropical breezes to naturally cool the building, eliminating the need for air-conditioning. Gorgeous and durable wide-planked wood floors complete the building and provide the perfect foundation for an array of events and activities.  All building was done by hand with the dead fall from the property – an amazing feat!

The lodge’s well-designed space is the perfect gathering place not only for the sumptuous family-style meals of the typical lodge experience but is also ideal for your cozy yoga retreat, small group seminars, or your intimate wedding reception, family reunion, or a conference with your associates at your corporate retreat, a meeting-of-the-minds during your field research stay, and so much more!

*All guests must be physically fit enough to hike in.*

**All of our packages are personalized to your needs and booked in advance.**

***We do not allow children under 8 years old; Nor do we allow pets sorry,  but they  disturb the wildlife. ***


Guest Cabins

Our rustic cabins are a short hike away from the main lodge, nestled into the local vegetation and overlooking the clear mountain stream. Built from naturally fallen wood, built in typical elevated Bocas Style, these practical and comfortable accommodations fit perfectly into their setting. From your porch you will be able to appreciate the surrounding verdure gracefully framed by the beams of your cabin. The open design and stream-side location of your cabin also facilitates air circulation keeping your cabin at just the right temperature in the heat of the day and allowing those delightful Caribbean breezes to waft through. The private or semi-private garden shower can also help you escape the heat; this refreshing rainwater system is encompassed by your own personal garden full of some of the most lovely water-loving native species, irrigated by your usage of the shower.

Each cabin has comfortable twin, or queen-sized air mattresses complete with mosquito nets, its own private or semi-private rainwater garden shower, and a bathroom complete with a rainwater sink and indoor composting toilets. All guest are provided with Earth Mama organic soaps, shampoo, and organic bug repellent for your health and the health of our ecosystem.


All meals are included with our full service package prices and served at the Lodge family style.  Our reduced rate guests have access to a communal kitchen and bring their own food to cook.

Beer, wine, spirits, and snacks are also available at the Lodge. Specialized menus can always be provided as all of our packages are personalized to your needs and booked in advance.


Only two and a half hours from the David Airport, this little known part of Western Panama on the Caribbean side of the country is extremely beautiful and, as yet, relatively undiscovered. We are located in the small village of Rambala about five kilometers from the grand Laguna de Chiriqui which separates us from the Bocas del Toro archipelago and the better known Bocas Islands. Buses run daily from David to Rambala. The more adventurous guest can hike the dirt road up to our Lodge.  For the less than avid hiker there are always taxis zipping around Rambala to get you wherever your heart desires. Usual taxi fare up to the entrance trail of the Lodge is $8 US, just tell the driver you need to go to “Rio Platanarito.”  The entrance to the lodge is marked by  bright green gate posts to a pasture.  As the property is quite “Escondido” we strongly recommend you print off our map on the reservations page.

The advantages of spending time mainland include a hassle-free natural environment which is not dependent on boats to move around, discovering a different sample of tropical species from those that can be encountered in and around salt water habitat, and the luxury of escaping the traditional “touristy” experience. This area offers great, uncrowded jungle trails, native Indian villages, boat trips to pristine beaches and mangrove islands, rivers begging to be explored, Caribbean wildlife, local rodeos, and so much more: a place where time stands still.

Temperatures range from 75ºF/25ºC to 85ºF/29ºC year round, just perfect for taking a dip in one of our many natural pools during the sunny afternoons. Caribbean breezes keep you cool and frequent afternoon or early evening tropical rains keep the area lush and green. Keep in mind that we are in a tropical climate so most days see some rain, however, it almost never rains all day long.