activitiesOn-Site Activities:

Birding – Rambala Jungle Lodge is the perfect place for birders, with meandering trails offering prime bird-spotting and watching sites. We have seasonal raptor migrations that are so dense they blot out the sky as well as many common birds including Keel-billed Toucans and Oropendolas, plus a variety of rarer finds such as the Sunbittern, masked tityra and so many more.  Even the less active birder will be sure to spot some interesting species from their private porch or from the Lodge. Learn about all the wonderful birds of the Caribbean in Panama.

Hiking, Plants, & Wildlife – Explore the area on a guided hike or  hike freely on the  Rambala Jungle Lodge trails. For our guests that enjoy a stroll in the woods or who would like to see more of the local wildlife, our jungle trails offer hours of enjoyment and education.  We are in the process of compiling an extensive species list of the flora and fauna to be found in our ecosystem; eco-tourists like you will certainly derive days of fascinating discoveries.

Field Research – The property’s diversity of plant and wildlife provides ample opportunity for field research. Whether you are interested in stream environments, animal behavior, native vegetation, or another field, with multi-storied habitats, ecotones, and unique environments.  Rambala Jungle Lodge is the location you’ve been looking for. Who knows? An undiscovered life-form may be awaiting you here!

Photography – Our uniquely beautiful environment provides numerous opportunities to photograph wildlife, plants and the lovely stream features. It is truly a photographers dream come true.    

Sustainability Tours – Our staff  would be thrilled to explain the many sustainable projects around the property.  Learn about the benefits of Humanure, and the joys  and challenges of reforestation all during a leisurely hike around the property. Guests can even contribute to the project, if they so desire, by planting a tree.

Learn about our developing solar, micro hydro projects and green building practices including our new geodesic dome.

Take A Dip – The clear mountain stream on the west edge of the property cascades in gentle waterfalls into a variety of natural pools that are a refreshing way to escape afternoon heat. One sepcial pool even offers natural resistance for guests looking for a little extra exercise or you can climb into a waterfall for a great massage.

Rest & Relaxation – For the guest looking to escape from the hectic world there are always hammocks and meditative nooks from which you can experience the natural world at your leisure. Your cares will float away on the soothing jungle noises and soft Caribbean breezes. And you will never be bored as nature provides an ever changing array of weather, vegetation and wildlife all within view from your hammock. Books, games, and other relaxing pursuits are also available.

Special Requests – As all of our packages are personalized to your needs, we can accommodate the particulars of your vacation or retreat as necessary. The spacious porch on the Lodge is the perfect backdrop for yoga, exercise, family gatherings, group meditation, corporate retreats, and much more; the expanse of the property will perfectly complement any retreat, providing many opportunities for supplemental and team-building activities.

Off-Site Activities:

Cacao Tour to Native Ngabe Bugle Indian Village – See how they process cacao (chocolate) from fruit to beautiful non sweetened bars ready to use for cooking or hot chocolate.

Cayuko trip around Laguna de Chiriqui  travel into some of the backwater streams past local native villages and view wildlife